Bilhan Tuncel: Treaty of peace or treaty of a war


“The convention respecting the regime of the straits and other insruments signed at Laussane”
Nearly hundrends years later, the Kurds asking” Why Kurds and Kurdistan was not respected as the regime of strait?”
Even was not respected to have their own minimal political and economical management rights. None of the brutual-dictatorial regimes was to obligated to grant even the Authonomy for one of the biggest nation in the Middle-East. So, who is to blame causing the Kurdistan with her fifty million people has been suffering of terrorizm under these brutual regimes,since ever?

The Luassune Treaty come into force by the signatery political powers, mainly British Empire,France,Italy,Greece,Japon,Romania,Serb-Croat Sloveniane state on the one part and Turkey on the other side. So, what was the reason for such a big country like Kurdistan, 74000 sugared miles, had not been taken into account as a respective state to develop the justice for the future of peace in the Middle-East? Or, Are the Kurds slave of human being not worth to commerce and friendship? The Kurds recently started to questioned themself more than ever asking ” What an embarricing- disable mentality forcing us to live in the hell of Middle-East under brutual regimes !”

The goverment of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey produced their full power against Kurds and Kurdistan at the time of Luassane Treaty and since ever. The most crucial question is that; why the wastern human rights and democratic values was to ignored ? And furfher more, in 21.centry , Why still diplomatic and consular represantives of Kurds are not allowed to stand for fifty million Kurds’ human rights and political-economical interests? The most common idea; the super-western powers have been ignoring their own international human rights laws and democratic- social values by supporting Turkish Goverment. The Kurds do not deserve an ill-treatment just because of common interests of international stratagical-political and economical powers! And The Kurds are not enemy to anyone worthing to think once more having commerce and friendship with. Kurdistan with her rich underground resources open to have new allies anytime. The Kurds are not the same Kurds at the time of Ottoman-Empire and once more any treaty smiler to Laussane will bring more fight and blood not peace into anyones future!

The Kurds, during their history have been under the thump of various conguerers,divided between Turkey,iran,irag and syria. Following the Young Turk Revaluation at the begining of 20th centry and the floring of Turkish nationalism, the destruction and assimilation of Kurds has been recurring pattern.Nearly half million Kurds died ond hundren-thousands of them were displaced or exiled to other parts of Middle-East. No matter who say what, the history itself proving that, all the events took place in Kurdistan to constitute genocide. Under current international laws the action of these brutual regimes are genocide. All the action were directed systematically against an ethnic group. Just in one go thousands and thousands civil Kurds killed and hundrend of villages burned to the ground repeatedly. Dersim,zilan,Agiri,Kocgiri,seyh sait and more; all these massacre are right after Laussane Treaty and none of them lees important than the Al-Anfal at all! Do any of these brutual regimes seek for forgiveness, accepting genocide of Kurds? Unfortunately, they do not as they are in believe that, Kurds are slave not allowed asking for liberty and equality. So Kurds asking western democratic goverments to stop supporting Turkey against Kurds! Kurdistan geographically and by the rate of population bigger than many Eorupon countries and Kurds are not blind to the any developments in the world. Under any any terms they will fight for their political and economical interests. Is it really worth to be unfair to Kurds just to stasfiy Turkey proccesing Turkification and genocide on Kurds? How would you think to stop the terrorizm coming from your stratagical allies; by a similar treaty like Laussane or by selling more gun machines to Turkey supporting El-Kaide killing more woman and children in Kurdistan?

The British Goverments ,always,had the key role in the history of Kurdistan. Why not take action for the state of territories of this victimised country? Why not,at least, having a strategy to support Kurds having a minimal political management of their own faith? During such a historical days; a free or slave future in syria for Kurds and history asking democratic western countries not to vote for the slaveness of Kurds once more as it was done in Laussane! Voting against Kurds, rejecting their representatives having politically responsibility for their own future will only means to approve more genocides. No peace for another centry at all! Justice is the only key to open the door for the powerful and peaceful future. Abusing power will not help any ones global interests but only more problems. Possible adminisrative boundaries and local economical interests are vital measurements for Kurds.The decision going to be held in Ceneva shall be binding the parties concerned including Kurds not isolating or discriminating them. Otherwise, I am strongly in believe that, Middle-East will be in tears and blood-shed more than ever! Any treaty comes into force without respecting and recognising the Kurdish local interest and free statu in syria will not welcome by Kurds.Any question arising from recognition of free Authonomy Kurdistan in syria shall be settled by agreements to be negotiated subsegently in the manner to be determined between the power concerned and Kurds shall be representitive of themselves! The British Goverment also shall be resposible to assure liberty of minorities interest in ceneva same as Kurds. Non- moslims also victimised by the Laussana Treaty.

All the language’s, cultures and religions shall have their full freedom of enjoying their legitimate situation. No restriction shall be imposed by these brutual regimes in the Middle-East of any languages in private intercourse, in commerce, in religion, in Prees or in puplication of any kinds at puplic meetings. These dictatorial regimes shall be obligeted to grant full freedom of education in any languages and use of their languages before the court of law.An important question to remember The Kurds was not even recognised and having rights to establish social institutions of education with the right to use and develope their language and culture in terms of Laussane Traety! Although, the prevision would not prevent those dictatorial regimes from making the teaching of the language they wanted obligatory in the schools. And the budget for educational purposes has never been related Kurdish Language since ever. None of the goverment undertake to take as concerns Kurdish family law or personal statu. Permetting the settlements of questions in accordance with the custom of their identity. All facilities and authorisation not only has been refuesed but also became to the reasons of their refusal to sentence and torture to attend courts of law and imprisonment. The Kurds has been compelled to perform any act whic constituted on violation of their human rights. The Leage of Nations shall agree that these anti-democratic regimes obligated of international concerns and shall be placed the the guarentee of the Leage of Nations.since The Treaty of Lussane came into force the member of the council of the Leag of Nations did not bring enough attention of the council infraction or of the danger infraction of any of violations. For the Kurds under the danger of genocides or went through genocide the demands shall be directed to the Permenant Cort Of International Justice.

For a new future and democratic- modern mentality in The Middle-East the super-powers themsevels must be democrat an having respect to all diffrences;so, they will be able to deliver justice and peace for the humanity. The history proved that Luassane Treaty caused second World War and millions lost their life during the time and afterwards. Kurds still suffering from being discriminated and they want freedom afternearly hundrend years and many genocides. A peaceful future in the hand of British Goverment and need justice!
Middle-East Specialist

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